This years gathering will be the last edition of the Avantgarde Festival
and we decided to make it a big celebration of life, anarchy and UTOPIA.

As one of the slogans of the festival has always been : Three Days of Utopia – we should now step up to this challenge and make it happen.
It is time to live Utopia to the fullest.

Our association Avantgarde Schiphorst e.V. will open the doors of the well known and beautiful farm of Carina to offer the setting for this get together.

More so, the association will make sure that the basic sanitary facilities will be ready, that the camping area is in an ok shape, that the big kitchen is ready to rumble. We will celebrate the year and years, decades, of this wonderful Happening a very last time.

Everybody is invited to join the "3 Days of Utopia" (JUNE 21-23) in Schiphorst. But we are no longer taking the burden solely on our shoulders !

no curation - no schedule - no service

These Three Days of Utopia will be what they will be... it will be what everyone on site will make out of it! The gathering should be a shared experience where EVERYONE is welcome to join in and bring what they want to give to others.

It is up to all of us to make it happen

In the last decades we had the much celebrated stage called The Annex.
It never had a specific curation and was always selfmanaged – the stage was open for fresh collaborations musicians who wanted to present themselves, experiment and fun.
This year we will only have this format !
The mainstage will turn into The Annex and we are just as excited as you are to see and hear what will be presented. ( so again: no booking and no need to apply! Just come by and find your space )

The association has a decend amount of TECHNIC pa, lights, beamer, overhead projector ... to realise artistic presentation realistic, but we do not have everything you may need – please make sure that you organise yourself or be ready to improvise!

Clearly some good old friends will join us and will happily share their art of cuisine with you, but be ready to cook yourself and share your FOOD.

All kinds of ART are welcome to present themselves and do not hesitate to CONTACT us with any further question. We will try our best to help you or to connect you with other helpful souls.
But first have a look at the FAQ maybe somebody else has already asked the same!

If you are interested in joining a weekend with us, friends, strangers, lovely humans and a lot of good vibes - let us know so we can have an eye on the numbers and tell us what you are willing or able to share with others (food, art, love, special skills....)