Food is important, to all of us.
It brings joy, happiness and most important it brings us together!

This year we will all be equally responsible to take care of one another.

With the main kitchen being open to everyone we encourage you all to get together in teams to manage to cook a meal for "all of us" - we might wanna call it VoK├╝.
If you don't want to cook, maybe you want to bring a bag of rice, some dried tomatoes, salt, olive oil or something else?

How do we plan to organise it, to keep an eye on things - so they don't get chaotic?!

Not 100% sure - but we are 100% positive that we all together can rock it!
Please contact us and let us know where you might want to help, or what you might want to bring. We will keep you updated about the development!

so far we were contacted by some good old AGF friends and they will share their art of cooking with you.

TEAM BBQ - there is going to be a barbecue with very fair prices and very yummy sausages!

TEAM POTATOE - just like last year we will have quirly deep fried golden heartwarming deliciousness on a stick!

TEAM BREAKFAST - the association wants to offer breakfast and it is up for donation. Sure we are open for support on preparing it early in the morning.

TEAM COFFEE - nice and strong espresso, cafe con leche and cakes, all we need for a smooth running day will be offered with a recommendation of donation but it is not a must do - solidarity!

TEAM PINK LEMON BAR - longdrink extravaganza with fresh fruits and wild herbs, all home made and based on own recipes. For your tummy: Tom Kha Phak (vegan and fresh summer-cocos-soup with rice and veggies) and a very aromatic vietnamese glasnoodle salat.